Happy New Year – 2019 !

Good day everyone and welcome to CikguAyubAuto !

I think it is not too late to wish the happy new year to everyone who do visit this site and hopefully this year will be a great year to us all. 🙂

Anyway, I’m planning to have a stable automotive / car related business by the end of the year and here’s what I have in mind:

  1. Normal car servicing:
    1. Engine oil change.
    2. Air filter change.
    3. Spark plugs change.
    4. Cabin filter change.
    5. Light bulb change.
    6. Brake pad change.
    7. Battery change.
  2. Car insurance renewal service.
  3. Car roadtax renewal service.
  4. Car inspection.
  5. Selling used car.
  6. Selling new car.

So, if you guys are in need of any of the above service don’t forget to email me at kamalafiqkb@gmail.com and I will surely do my best to assist you.

Until next time.


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