Proton Service Menu

Good Day All !

This post is about the Proton Service Menu on their official website.

As you can see, they have listed out the service menu for all proton models that are currently on sale today. The list includes the parts to be changed on each service intervals and also the cost.

Take for example the Service Menu for my Proton Preve Executive MT.

From the looks of it, it will cost me RM184.45 for my 20k Km Service which I have scheduled to be on this Sunday (15 Oct 2017).

How accurate is this service menu compare to the one quoted by their Service Centers you say ?
I have posted the update on here comparing the quoted price on Proton Service Menu and the one quoted by the SC that I sent my car to. (Updated 17 Oct’17)

Having own various Proton models in the house hold, I am sure the price difference is there especially from those Proton Dealer Service Centre instead of Proton Edar Branch Service Centre.

Is there any difference between the Proton Service Menu on their website and the Owner’s Manual Handbook and Service Booklet that came with the cars ? Of course there is.

The two main differences are, the Proton Service Menu display the current price of the parts involved as well as the Labour Charges, you cannot find the cost estimation in the Owner’s Manual Handbook and Service Booklet. The second one is that the Owner’s Manual Handbook and Service Booklet display much more than parts change, it displays the inspection requirements on each service interval too.

Anyway, I sincerely believe that this Service Menu on their website is a good reference for Proton owners, you can refer to the Service Menu for the cost of the service involved and compare it to the one quote to you by your mechanic. But, don’t forget to read through the Owner’s Manual Handbook and Service Booklet too, it will definitely come in handy if you want to send your car for outside service or try to do the car maintenance mostly on your own.

PS: I don’t recommend you to send your car to other workshop than the authorized service centre, not only it violates your car warranty, it also might be costlier than the one quoted by the authorized centre especially if you don’t know what they are doing to your car. But, if you don’t care about the warranty and know what you want to do with your car, who am I to argue with that ? 🙂